It’s simpler than you might think! ?

First of all, you'll publish videos on your Facebook™ page and/or Instagram™ business account as usual.
There’s absolutely nothing to change in how you run your social media accounts. (But after getting a taste of what ConnectVideo can do for you, you might find it irresistible to share more videos on Facebook™ and Instagram™).
Then you'll use ConnectVideo to create a Super Video Audience.

This special audience type will include everyone who has watched any of the content videos you've already posted in the past, as well as all the future videos you’ll be posting in the future. (ConnectVideo will check your page(s) daily to see if you've published new videos, and if so, add them to your Super Video Audience).

ConnectVideo comes with some smart segmentation options.

For example, you can create all these audiences with ConnectVideo in just a few clicks:

  • Super Video Audience #1: People who watched 10% of any of your videos in the past 365 days. 
  • Super Video Audience #2: People who watched the first 3 seconds of any of your videos in the past 30 days. 

These are just examples. Your options are almost unlimited -- and we’re already working on adding more segmentation options.

After creating these Super Video Audiences, then you can use them inside Facebook™ Ads just like any other custom audience.

There’s more to what ConnectVideo does behind-the-scenes to make this process fully automated and compliant -- but this is a good overview of how ConnectVideo works.

As always please feel free to reach out to your support heroes at if you have more questions, we got you covered.