When using ConnectVideo, you have the option to select a Facebook Business Page and/or a Instagram Business Profile. When creating your Super Video Audience (in short: SVA), ConnectVideo will "connect" to your page(s) to check which videos you have uploaded, so it can use those videos to create your audience.

Your SVA will include all videos that you have uploaded directly onto your Facebook Page or Instagram Page. So, if you navigate to your Facebook Page and create a new post using a video, those videos will be included: 

However, currently there is a bug on Facebook's side that prevents 3rd party tools (like ConnectVideo) to get all your ad videos. This means that if you've uploaded videos through the Facebook Ads Manager or Media Library, some of those videos will not be included. 

Facebook has confirmed the issue is on their end, and has assigned it to the right team to investigate further and resolve the issue. Although we're depending on Facebook for this, we've noticed that on average it takes a couple weeks for most issues to be resolved. Once they've resolved it on their end, ConnectVideo will be able to include all videos you've created from inside the Ads Manager as well. This also includes pages using the new page experience. 

As always please feel free to reach out to your support heroes at support@connectio.io if you have more questions, we got you covered