Connectio is a powerful Facebook marketing tool available to businesses and enterprises of any size. Connectio is consists of 5 different tools that all do different functions. 

The overall subscription for all 5 tools is called ConnectSuite. It includes ConnectExplore, ConnectLeads, ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget and ConnectAutomate. 

To give you more about the functions of each tool:
  • ConnectLeads will enable you to get Facebook Lead Ads connected with your autoresponder. This means that if someone enters your Facebook Lead Form (enters their email address), their email address is automatically sent into your autoresponder or email software. The focus of ConnectLeads is to collect email subscribers from Facebook onto your email list.
  • ConnectAudience does – in a way – the opposite. It connects your autoresponder or email software with your Facebook account, so you can create Facebook custom audiences based on who is on your email subscribers’ list (ConnectAudience collects that data from your autoresponder and sends it into Facebook as a Custom Audience). The focus of ConnectAudience is to get more results from the email subscribers that you have.
  • ConnectRetarget doesn't have anything to do with your autoresponder. Instead, it's for web-based retargeting on Facebook. Using ConnectRetarget you can retarget your website visitors using Facebook Ads based on how they behave on your website. So for example, only target those who A) stayed on your site for X time, or B) scrolled to a certain point of your sales page, or C) visited your site Y times - just to give you a few basic examples. This allows you to make retargeting much more effective since you can target the highest potentials of your visitors.
  • ConnectExplore helps you find and identify "interests" to target using Facebook Ads. Using this tool you'll be able to find more interests that you can target than you could find using the Facebook Ads manager itself. The audience testing feature helps you with discovering which interests work best for you. Once you’ve done your interest search inside ConnectExplore you’ll have a group of interests you’d like to target (for example, 20 interests). With the audience testing feature, you’ll be able to create 20 adsets with one interest per ad set in a few clicks. Then, once your campaign has gathered some data you’ll know which interests are performing well and which ones are not.
  • ConnectAutomate is a tool to automatically turn your best Facebook posts into Facebook Ads that get high engagement. In a nutshell, you can create “rules” such as “if a certain Facebook post gets more than X likes, or gets shared by 1% of people”. The system will then continuously check for posts on your Facebook Page, and as soon as a post gets enough engagement, it will create a Facebook Ad for it to give a full exposure.