As video becomes more prominent, pulling the video views to create an engaged custom audience can help target customers even better. On Facebook, you can create an Engagement Custom Audience based on people who watch your video on Facebook or Instagram. These include videos delivered to Feed, stories and other eligible placements on Facebook and Instagram.

Through ConnectVideo, you can create your own Super Video Audience — an audience that includes everyone who has watched any of your videos. This even includes all of your future videos, as ConnectVideo will check your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business Profile for new videos on a daily basis to be added into your Super Video Audience.

1) Choose how much of your video someone should have watched

If you have 3 seconds, then there will be more people in the audience since it's much easier to watch 3 seconds, versus someone who has watched 50% of the entire video. 
While people who have watched your video for a shorter time may create a larger custom audience, it's important to consider that they may not be as engaged. 

Tip: While this is not a sure-fire solution, creating an audience based off 25-50% filter works well to create highly engaged viewers, however starting off, 10 seconds might be a sweet spot. 

2) Select the retention day of your viewers 

Once you've figured out the length of time a viewer has seen your videos, you should then decide how many days its been since they've watched your videos.
If you select 30 days, this means only people that have watched your days within that time frame will be selected. Selecting 365 days (the max) means you'll be pulling viewers that have watched your video from as far back as a year ago.
Tip: Starting out, toggle anywhere from 90-120 days, as you'll be more top-of-mind. 

3) Define your audience name and video source

Upon completing steps 1 and 2, click next to define your audience name and choose the video source from where you want to pull the data. 
Input a name for your Super Video Audience and choose from where you want to create this engaged audience from Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile, or both. 
Tip: If your Instagram account does not appear, it is important to make sure you've connected your Instagram Business Profile with your Facebook page properly. 

4) Check the creation progress from Manage Audiences

Once you've completed the steps, you will be redirected to the Manage Audiences page where you can see the progress status of your Super Video Audience. 
Depending on the size of the uploaded videos and views, the processing period can take anywhere from several seconds to 20+ minutes. 

Once completed, you can verify the audience was created by going to your Facebook Audience Manager.