If you have pushed your audience to Facebook, and then been presented with this notification, do not worry, you have been given an Audience Too Low Error!

Sometimes Facebook rejects audiences based on a number of reasons, (Read Here For More)

What we do, is save all the audience interests as a project for you, to go back make some adjustments and resubmit the audience again.

Click the Open Draft Button.

This takes you to your draft audiences, so you can see that in this case, the "Star Wars" audience has been created as a draft.

Now to edit, all you need to do is go back to your search, and start with your keyword again, this will show the View Audience tab on the left side.

Click that and then you can choose your saved project from the list.

As soon as you select your previous project, it will populate the selected list!

Now you can go back to your search, you can add more interests to your search, it will automatically append them to your list!

Now you can progress through the process again to resubmit them to the adset and get your ads targeted!