You can do this in your Facebook account, and it's very simple.

The Leads Access manager is a tool that gives Business Manager Admins (like you) the flexibility to say which people, CRM’s or partner business and agencies can have the right to download and access their leads.

It also lets you grant any person who has a role on your Facebook Page permission so they can not only access your leads but in this case, even allows them to build lead forms for you and tell Facebook to send leads to any lead forms they create for you inside ConnectLeads.

By default, only Page Admins can access leads. Which means you’ll need to grant Editors and Moderators this access as well if you want them to build any lead forms for you inside Connectio. Otherwise, Facebook will not send any leads your form captures over to your autoresponder.

So, if you are the Business Manager for your Facebook account, just follow these steps:

  1. Click here to select the relevant Facebook page.
  2. Select your Facebook page.
  3. On the left, select Integration and then Lead Access
  4. Click Customise Access in the message that appears.

(If you have already activated this, look for the middle panel called “ASSIGNED PEOPLE AND PARTNERS”.

Underneath you will see a list of People these are individuals who you have or can give access to your leads, Partners or agencies are businesses who you have granted access to leads, and CRMs are companies that you share your leads with so they can deal with them for you.)

  1. Select who you want to give access to. In this case, it's an Editor or Moderator so choose People.
  2. Next check the box next to the person you wish to grant Lead Access to and then click the Assign Access button at the top.

That’s it! Now when they build you a lead form inside ConnectLeads facebook will send your leads over because you have granted them access.