When creating a custom audience using ConnectAudience, you’ll notice you have the option to turn on the feature “Allow removal contacts from audience”. In this article, we’ll explain what this feature is about.



When you create your custom audience, you have the option to automatically update your audience on a daily basis. This means that every day - at the time you specified - ConnectAudience will re-synchronize your leads from your CRM/autoresponder into your custom audience. This way your custom audience will always be up to date.

The option to “allow removal contacts” is only relevant for audiences that are updated daily.

What happens if the “allow removal contacts from audience” is turned OFF?

In case the feature is turned off, ConnectAudience will add new contacts that match your criteria to your custom audience. This means your audience will grow over time (when new contacts match your criteria, they’ll be added to your custom audience). However, it will never remove people from the custom audience.

What happens if the “allow removal contacts from audience” is turned ON?

When it’s turned on, ConnectAudience will also be able to remove people from your audience as well, if that’s required. So, besides adding new contacts to your custom audience, it will also remove contacts from your custom audience in case they’re not inside the criteria you’ve set at that time.

Some examples

Scenario #1: You’ve created a custom audience that includes everyone who’s on your email list. Every day new people will sign up to your email list, and ConnectAudience will sync those new people into your Facebook custom audience every day. There is no need to remove anyone from the custom audience.

In this case, you should keep the feature turned off since there is no need to remove people from your custom audience.

Scenario #2: You’ve created a custom audience that should only include people for a certain amount of time. For example, you want to include people who are inside a certain email automation which only last 7 days, which means that after 8 or more days they’re removed from the automation - and should also be removed from the custom audience.

In this case, you’ll want to enable the option to delete people. Every time ConnectAudience updates your audience, it will remove those people who are not in the automation anymore.

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