Here's a quick guide on how to delete contacts from your Connectio account. This could be useful in case someone asks "to be forgotten", in line with the GDPR legislation. 

On the upper-right-hand portion of your screen, you will find your account name and a drop down arrow. Accessing it will reveal the Delete Contacts button.

Once you've clicked on the Delete Contacts button, you will be brought to the Delete Contacts screen, where you have the option to search for an email address to delete.

Enter the contact you'd like to delete from your account and hit Search.

This may take a few moments depending on how many contacts you have in your Connectio account.

The screen will then display whether or not that email exists within your Connectio account.

From there, simply click on Delete Contact, and the contact will be deleted.

While the contact will have been deleted from your Connectio account, please note that it will not be deleted from any third-party platform, such as your email autoresponder.