On Facebook, every page (also known as a “Business Page”) has the ability to ‘like’ other Pages.

For example, head over to the Facebook Page of Nike. On that page, you’ll find a section called “Liked by this page”.

When you click on that section, it will open up all pages that are liked by Nike.

The Explore function

When using the Page Search, the results will show a list of Facebook Pages. For each of those Pages, you can click the “Explore” function.

Here’s what happens in the background when you click that button:

  • ConnectExplore analyzes to see which “pages” are liked by that particular page.

  • ConnectExplore then analyzes all these results, to see which of those can be targeted using Facebook Ads. 

The result is a list of highly related interests to target, that you wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise. 

Here's a video explaining the Explore feature: