When you're connecting your Facebook Lead Ad with your ActiveCampaign account, you'll have the option to select "custom fields" in case you're asking any additional data inside your Lead Ad. This way you can make sure the data is being sent to the right field inside your ActiveCampaign account.


In case you can't select a custom field in the dropdown (while setting up your Lead Ad), please follow these instructions:


1 - After logging into your ActiveCampaign account, go to 'List' menu on the top bar.


2 - Click on "Manage Fields" Link and open it .




3 -  There you can see all the available fields in your account or you can create new custom fields there.




4 -  Click on "Edit" button just side your Field that you want to add to your list.


5 -  After clicking on "Edit" button", you will see a popup window. Please click on "Show Advanced" link.



6 - When you click on "Show Advanced" link, you can see all available list in your Active Campaign account. Select the list on which you want to assign this custom field and save custom field settings.



7 -  Now check from your ConnectLeads account for the same list for which you enabled custom fields.

If setup correctly, you will see that custom field in your Custom field drop down for that particular list.