Getting people to register for your GoToWebinar-webinar is just like integrating any other autoresponder. First you'll have to create your Facebook Lead Form (as shown in the "Getting Started" videos inside your account). 

Next, you'll have to connect that Lead Form with your GoToWebinar event - which we'll guide you through below.

Step 1: Generate your GoToWebinar API Key

First you'll need to get an API key by GoToWebinar. Here's how to do that.

Go to and click on "Get an account. It's free!

Then log in with your GoToWebinar account. In case you never requested an API key before, you'll see this window: 

Press "Allow", where after you'll be forwarded to the next page.

On that page, click "Add a new app".

Next, enter the details as shown below:

Once created, you can click on the Application Name, where after you will see the Consumer Key. Please copy that consumer key.

Step 2: Add GoToWebinar to your ConnectLeads account

Now log into your Connectio dashboard and go to Settings > Manage Autoresponder and click "Add New". 

Enter a name so you'll recognize the autoresponder later, for example "GoToWebinar". 

Next, select GoToWebinar in the list.


Enter your GoToWebinar email address, password as well as the Consumer Key (see step 1) and press save.

Your GoToWebinar account is now connected.

Step 3: Connect your Facebook Lead Form to a webinar

Go to ConnectLeas > New Lead Form and select the Lead Form you'd like to connect (as shown in the instruction videos). 

In the second step of creating your Lead Form, select the GoToWebinar account that you've added in step 2.

You'll then be able to select a webinar. 

Once saved, every time someone will submit their email address into that lead form, they will automatically be registered for the webinar you've selected.