When emails are sent into your Aweber list using ConnectLeads (or any other 3rd party developer), Aweber will automatically enable "double opt-in" (regardless of the settings in your Aweber account).

This means that every subscriber will have to verify their email address first (by clicking on the link in the confirmation email) before they will be added to your email list.

Those that don't verify their email address, will not be added to your email list.

For that reason we suggest to turn off double opt-in - since ConnectLeads is already collecting Facebook-verified email addresses.

Here's how to disable double opt-in for Aweber

You'll have to contact their support desk to manually disable double opt-in for your account. Because the emails are being from ConnectLeads into Aweber using their API, they automatically turn on "double opt-in" - regardless of the settings in your account. 

You can contact Aweber here: https://www.aweber.com/contact-us.htm

In that message, explain that the email subscribers will be added through the API, for which you'd like to disable double opt-in.