Are you using an autoresponder that's currently not on the list when you are adding an autoresponder? In this article we'll show you how to use that autoresponder.

Step 1: Add new autoresponder

In order to add an autoresponder, you'll need to go to your account then Autoresponders and then click on "Add New".

Step 2: Enter a name and select "HTML Submit Form"

Next, enter a name that will help you recognize which autoresponder or email list you'll be adding.

Then select the autoresponder "HTML Submit Form", which will then show a text box below. See:

Step 3: Copy your HTML form code

In this text box, you'll need to paste the "HTML Form Code" that you will get from your autoresponder or email software.

Please note that how you get that HTML form code will be difference for each autoresponder. If you're not sure how/where to get that, it's best to contact your autoresponder.

Typically this code will start with something like <form>.

Step 4: Paste the HTML form code into the textbox

Once you've located the HTML form code from your autoresponder, copy that into the text-box as shown earlier. 

Then, click "Parse HTML". You'll then be able to make sure each field name is set correct by selecting the right fields for the "Name" and "Email". 

Step 5: Save.

Next, press Save.

Your autoresponder is now added to your account, which you can now select when you are setting up a new Lead Form inside your account.